”Carmen” by French composer George Bizet is ranked as one of the absolute most popular operas. Enjoy it “sous plein air” (open air) on August 9, 16 or 17, 2019.

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“Carmen” has everything you can dream of in an opera. Large scale drama, vivid characters and a passionate love story. All embedded in enchanting symphonic melodies.

The music is in a league of its own. Bizet´s was considered as a talented composer but in “Carmen” he surpasses himself. Listen e g to Escamillo´s Toreador-aria from the 2nd act of the opera – it takes self control not to hum along.

The story in Carmen

Even within opera it is hard to find anything as dramatic as “Carmen”, which in the opening scene unfolds the girls working at the tobacco factory – watching them coming out after a long day at work. The local boys are flirtuous, but Carmen in her unforgettable Habanera makes everyone understand that her heart is free: love is an untamed exotic creature.

As Carmen later is arrested for a knife assault, she seduces the second main-character of the opera, the young Don José, who were supposed to guard her at the prison, and together they elope. Don Jose not only elopes but also deserts from the army – abandoning his fiancée Michaëla from his hometown.

Alas – two months later Carmen has lost her fancy for Don José. Instead she has opened her wild heart to the toreador Escamillo.

If you want all the details of the story, please click here here – or buy a ticket and we will reveal the ending at Opera Hedeland in August 2019.


The cast will be announced during the Spring of 2019.

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