Tickets for Opera Hedeland can be purchased via

You may choose exactly where you wish to be seated in one of our comfortable chairs. The opera is in two acts, takes approx. 3 hours with an intermission of 15 minutes.

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There are 17 rows in the amphitheatre. Row 1 is closest to the circular stage. The view is good all the way around the theatre. Sky, landscape, lake, stage, orchestra and text machines is fully visible from all seats. The same applies to the amplified sound, bringing to you orchestra and singers in an intimate audible format.

The staging is created to serve and communicate to a 180 degrees of viewing.

Click here to see a detailed description and plan of the theatre here.

Find your way - By car

If you travel by car you will find Opera Hedeland close to Hedehusene. The address is 8, Tranemosevej, DK-2640 Hedehusene.

Parking at the amphitheatre is free. We can accommodate more than 2000 cars on our two large parking areas. Volunteer staff assist on arrival and departure.

Please note that the main road capacity taking you in and out of the Opera Hedeland is approximately 1800 vehicles/hour. The average time to get out of the area and onto the main roads is 40 minutes.

Find your way - By cab

A taxi from e.g. Roskilde Station is approximately 15 minutes from the venue. The distance from central Copenhagen is approximately 25 km. Taxis can be booked at +45 4848 4848.

Find your way - By bus

From Hoje Taastrup Station

Free shuttlebuses are in service from Hoje Taastrup Station to the venue and back after the performance. Everybody with a valid ticket for the performance of the day can access the bus free of charge.

The bus is located at the West-side of the station (near the taxis). Look for a bus from the company DitoBus with the sign “OPERABUS”.

Departures in 2022 are on August 5, 11 and 12 at 6PM and 7PM.

After the performance the busses return to Hoje Taastrup Station from the venue at approximately 11:00 PM.

Seat reservations can be purchased on a later date.

Copenhagen Central Station

Why not have a special treat for the night-out at the opera with the special Opera Shuttle from the central station?

The bus departs from DGI Byen at Ingerslevsgade and staff from The Royal Danish Theatre introduces you to the opera – even with soundbites from the opera.

Departures in 2022 are on August 5, 11 and 12 at 6:30 PM in front of the “DGI byen”, Ingerlevsgade. Look for a bus from the company DitoBus with the sign “OPERABUS”.

The shuttle returns from the venue approximately 11:00 PM. The ride takes approximately 30 minutes. The fare is DKK 100.

Seat reservations can be purchased on a later date.

The danish weather

Since the first production in Opera Hedeland in 2002 only two nights have been cancelled due to adverse weather. In case of cancellation before the intermission, tickets are refunded at the venue where you bought them.

Please find detailed information about the guidelines concerning weather below – and note that 95% of our guests in our annual evaluations state, that they will visit again – a substantial endorsement!

Guidelines for situations in case of adverse weather

A decision on postponement or cancellation is at the very earliest taken at the beginning of the performance. We are in direct contact with the meteorologist on duty at the Danish Institute of Metheorology, who has accurate data via satellite, radar and local observations in the area. In case of rain our objective is to continue the performance.

However in a situation with heavy rain the begging of the performance may be postponed for up to 30 minutes, or paused for the same amount of time during the performance.

As we are insured against adverse weather situations on all our performances, we have no economic enhancement to refrain from cancelling. However – in understanding with our artists – we always aim at going through with the performance if the artistic value is not compromised. Our audiences most often bring rainclothes with them – just in case.

Cancellation before the start of the performance

If we cancel before the start of the performance, you may have your tickets refunded at the buying point (physically or via However we do not refund handling charges issued by


If the metheorologist on duty envisages fair weather conditions within 30 minutes, a postponement of up to 30 minutes is implemented. When reassuming the performance, the tickets are not refundable.

Temporary interruption

If showers disturb technical equipment, the performance may be stopped temporarily. If the performances are resumed, tickets are not refunded.

Cancellation after the start of the performance

In case of continuous and heavy rain meaning that the performance must be cancelled after the interruption, the following guidelines apply:

  • if the performance is cancelled before the intermission, tickets are refunded at the place, where they were purchased – except for the handling fee
  • if the performance is cancelled after the beginning of the intermission, tickets are not refunded

Eat and drink

Opera Hedeland is the perfect spot for a picnic. The natural surroundings are stunning, the weather usually fair, and if you do not wish to sit in the grass, we can seat up to 1800 guests around the more than 200 tables.

The audience may freely bring their own food and beverages, but Noon supplies delicious picnic-food. This can be pre ordered via Ticketmaster. The picnic-food is picked up at Noon’s tent in the audience area near the theatre entrance.

Business and group arrangements

Opera Hedeland offers customized solutions to corporate companies, associations, cultural associations, clubs etc. The offers range from special pricing and special services.

Feel free to contact Opera Hedeland via or give us a call on +45 2479 0322 to learn more.

Special needs

We take pride in assisting guests with special needs. E.g. it is easy to get from the parking lot to the entrance of the amphitheatre, also for guests with mobility reduction.

Easy access for mobility reduced guests

  • Special wheel chair section is reserved in the middle section on row 17. These tickets can be purchased via customer service at Ticketmaster (+45 38481633)
  • The volunteer staff members have been instructed in assisting wheel chair users and persons with special needs
  • Toilets for guests with special needs are placed in the service area next to other toilet facilities
  • The two parking lots are placed in short walking distance from the entrance

Help us improve

Please share with us any suggestion you might have for improving the experience for guests with special needs. Write to


If you travel from afar and need accommodation several we offer several options. Please find a few possibilities for sleeping in ancient Danish capital of Roskilde below.


Contact Zleep for booking

Phone +45 70 235 635


Read more or book online here


Contact Scandic Roskilde for booking

Phone +45 4632 4632


Read more or book online here


Contact Comwell Roskilde for booking

Phone +45 7027 4274


Read more or book online here